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Bali Car Rental Tourists who come to Bali will find tourist attractions in Bali for their visit, whether it's natural attractions, cultural, religious, or recreation.

Bali Car Rental There are so many tourist attractions that can be visited in Bali, but too much choice may create confusion. Here we summarize the tourist attractions in Bali is a must-see, especially for first-time travelers to Bali or only have a few days in Bali.



KUTA This area is located in the district. Bali Car Rental Badung is a tourist destination abroad and domestic, and has become a mainstay tourist island of Bali since the early 70's. Bali Car Rental Kuta are often referred to as sunset beach. Bali Car Rental This beautiful white sandy beaches, the waves are quite big so it is good to play sports surfing (surfing), facing to the west coast will be very enchanting at sunset

  Bali Car Rental papan kuta

SANUR is one of the famous tourist spot in the island of Bali. Car Rentals In Bali This place is located just east of Denpasar. Car Rentals In Bali Because it has a fairly calm waves, then Sanur beach can not be used to surf like Kuta Beach. Car Rentals In Bali Sanur Beach is also known as Sunrise beach

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DREAMLAND BEACH is a tourist place located south of Bali in an area named Pecatu. Bali Car Rental Dreamland beach surrounded by cliffs towering, with white sand and a steep gully into a view that is so alluring eye to eye. Bali Car Rental The waves were high and great demand by fans of water sports surfing.

  Bali Car Rental papan dreamland

NUSA DUA BEACH with a wide white sandy beaches, combined with a resort / hotel elite magnificent five-star, located in the southeast of Bali. Bali Car Rental The beauty of Nusa Dua beach is clean and has clear water, a romantic moment, therefore many foreign and domestic tourists visiting here. Bali Car Rental Nusa Dua is often a place of international events, such as pertemuaan head of state, and many other conferences held here.

  Bali Car Rental papan nusa dua beach

TANJUNG BENOA BEACH located adjacent to the Nusa Dua beach. Bali Car Rental White sandy beach with calm sea water, making it suitable to perform a variety of watersport activities. Bali Car Rental Holiday with family and kids, attractions in Bali is the right choice to visit.

  Bali Car Rental papan tanjung benoa

GARUDA WISNU KENCANA PARK abbreviated GWK, is a tourist park in the southern part of the island of Bali. Bali Car Rental This park is located in Bukit Unggasan - Jimbaran, Bali. Bali Car Rental GWK symbolized by a statue of the god Vishnu, who stood on the hill Unggasan. Bali Car Rental Statue of the god Vishnu has a height of 20 meters. Bali Car Rental Sights on this pedestal, visitors can enjoy views of the sunrise and sunset. Bali Car Rental Recreation area in GWK among others; Vishnu Plaza, Street Theater, Lotus Pond, Indraloka Garden, etc

  Bali Car Rental papan gwk zoom

BEDUGUL Uniqueness is owned by one of the attractions in the island of Bali is the existence of a temple at the edge of the lake called Bedugul Ulun Beratan Lake. Bali Car Rental Ulun Beratan Lake, an imagined building very characteristic typical of Bali, the building has a terraced roof, menyimbulkan beliefs of Hindus in Bali to three deities, namely Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva.

  Bali Car Rental papan bedugul

TANAH LOT a temple situated on a large stone, the temple when the tide would appear surrounded by sea water. Bali Car Rental The temple is a place of worship the gods guard the sea. Bali Car Rental This temple will appear surrounded by sea water during high tides. Car Rentals In Bali Underneath there is a small cave in which there is a sea serpent.

  Bali Car Rental papan tanah lot

UBUD The area in Bali that has many artists and can be said to be the cultural center of arts in Bali, specifically painting and carving. Bali Car Rental Ubud famous well known both in Indonesia and abroad, has a district that lies between the fields and forest canyons flanked by the river, which makes this location very beautiful natural illustrate. Bali Car Rental If you are looking for art galleries, then you have come to Ubud, because here there are many art galleries, as well as performances of music and dance performed every night taking turns in all directions.

  Bali Car Rental papan ubud

BALI SAFARI MARINE PARK providing a place for wildlife in its natural habitat, which is constructed with a blend of Balinese culture. Bali Car Rental There are various kinds of rare animals came from three countries, namely Indonesia, India and Africa. Bali Car Rental Consists of 80 species and 400 rare species from Indonesia.

  Bali Car Rental papan bali safari

GOA GAJAH The door entrance through the mouth goa only enough for 1 person. Bali Car Rental Outside it there are carving-carving and 2 sculpture guards. Bali Car Rental Part inside goa-shaped the letter T with a height approximately 2 meters and width of 2 meter. Bali Car Rental Part the left and right of the hallway are also there are niche which might in antiquity is the the place be imprisoned.

  Bali Car Rental papan goa gajah

ULUWATU situated on top of a cliff with a height of about 97 m above sea level. Bali Car Rental Founding location of the temple building that makes the tourists who come to visit not only can enjoy the atmosphere of the sacred and religious, but also the beautiful scenery. Car Rentals In Bali This also led to the location of Uluwatu name in Sanskrit which means stone tops.

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